Extension Hill/Iron Hill, Mt Gibson

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Located in the Mt Gibson Ranges, 260km southeast of Geraldton, production began at Extension Hill in December 2011 with the export of the first ore shipment from Geraldton. The mine produced an average of 3-million tonnes of ore annually until mining was completed in late 2016, ahead of the planned transition to production at the nearby Iron Hill deposit, 3km south of Extension Hill.

Following receipt of environmental approvals, Iron Hill commenced production in early 2017. The mine yielded over 6Mt of DSO hematite by the time production and sales concluded in early 2018. Site rehabilitation activities are well advanced.

Ore mined at Iron Hill is crushed and screened at the nearby Extension Hill site before being loaded onto trucks for the 85-kilometre journey to Perenjori, where it is loaded into ore wagons at a purpose-built rail loading facility and railed 239-kilometres directly to the Port of Geraldton.

The ore is stored in Mount Gibson’s on-site storage facilities for loading onto Panamax-sized ore carriers for export.