Community & Environment

Community Relations

Mount Gibson is committed to the principles and practices of good corporate and environmental citizenship.

Since establishing its first operation at Tallering Peak, the Company has developed close partnerships with Local Communities, Local Governments, and Local businesses throughout the Mid West and Kimberley regions of Western Australia.

Mount Gibson places a high priority on ensuring recognition and protection of areas of special heritage and cultural value, and maintaining strong bilateral relationships with communities and other stakeholder groups that share an interest in our areas of operation.

Sharing the benefits of mining and creating mutually beneficial opportunities for the communities in which we operate underpins the relationships we develop and maintain with our neighbours and, importantly, the Traditional Owners of the land, including the Badimia People in the Mid West and the Dambimangari People in the Kimberley region.

Workplace Equality

Mount Gibson Iron welcomes diversity and is committed to equality at all levels.  To work toward this, the organisation has a diversity policy and strategy aimed at improving its current diversity balance.

Under the Workplace Gender Equality Act companies with more than 100 employees are required to report on the gender balance of their directly employed workforce. Annual WGEA reports are available below, while additional information may be found in the Company’s annual Sustainability Reports.

Workplace Gender Equality Agency Report_2017-18

Workplace Gender Equality Agency Report 2016-17

Workplace Gender Equality Agency Report 2015-16

Workplace Gender Equality Agency Report 2014-15

Workplace Gender Equality Agency Report 2013-14

Workplace Gender Equality Agency Report 2012-13


Mount Gibson is firmly committed to responsible performance in environmental management, including minimisation of the Company’s greenhouse gas emissions, energy and water consumption, and protection of rare or declared flora and fauna. Our focus remains on compliance with all relevant state and federal legislation as a minimum, and on continuous improvement and innovation across all aspects of the Company’s operations, including our environmental responsibilities.


Public Environmental Documentation

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Public Environmental Documentation